Vast Horizon Policies

Server Conduct

Server Conduct

1. User Accounts:
A. Each player is responsible for his or her own unique account. It is highly recommended that you not give out your account information to anyone. You are responsible for what is done as your character on the game.
B. If you are in a setting in which you will have multiple people at the same IP address wishing to play Vast Horizon, the staff must be notified so that we can accommodate the situation. All characters in a single household must keep their respective accounts and characters autonomous and separate and should avoid the sharing of account information.
C. Vast Horizon has a one character per user account rule. If it comes to our attention that you are trying to play multiple characters with multiple user accounts yourself, all but the newest character of the issue will be deleted and the account(s) associated with that character will be banned. If the behavior continues, a temporary ban will be placed on all associated accounts. If further issues come from the same person the ban will be extended to a permanent ban.

2. Player banning:
A. Definition:
The player ban is a suspension of the privilege and ability of a player, be they a host or a not host player, to the server, and as such is either temporary or permanent in nature.
B. In Considering the Player ban:
When a ban occurs as the result of a serious policy violation, staff will determine the time limit of the ban. This will be dependent upon the seriousness of the violation or violations. A permanent player ban means that the person cannot connect to the server, and assumes the person in their acts is either injurious either to the game, itself, or the server. No player ban should be considered lightly and represents a major breach of conduct.
C. Attempting to Circumvent a Player ban:
If a player who is serving their allotted time for a ban attempts to circumvent their suspension of their privilege to connect to the game through any means such as connecting via an IP mask, resetting their router in order that your IP should change, or using a Proxy to establish connection, or through other means, then such will be regarded as an unwarranted act against the server. Such an act against the server and the game is a serious and grave violation of the policy of Vast Horizon and is a breach of integrity and trust by the player in question. Such a violation of trust by this person as a player will, in its effect, results in this person being immediately and permanently banned from the entire server. In addition, one should note that any such illegal act against the server by any person shall be reported to any ISP and/or authorities necessary at that time, including a full log of their actions.

3. Server Connection:
A. When accessing the server, a player usually will connect to the game in a straightforward manner as through a client, where this access to the server is seen to be standard or normal access. A player needing to repeatedly connect to the server due to some circumstance also can be viewed as its normal use. However, if you encounter sporadic connection and other such problems as may be related to the server, contact the staff to resolve such issues.
B. Abnormal access to the Server: When any person floods the server with connections or conducts other such behavior, then such is regarded as the abnormal access to the server, and is regarded as an attack upon the server. Such, then is subject to the assessment of the administrators and will be considered accordingly.
C. Attacks Against the Game or Server:
Any activity or attack as seen to be directed against the server by anyone is strictly prohibited and is not in any manner or form acceptable. All malicious activity as seen to be against the server will be subsequently acted upon pursuant to all that is as allowed by law including the submission of server logs. Any person as a player who conducts such acts against the server is subject to an immediate permanent player ban from Vast Horizon.

This policy was last modified: 11/07/19 at 2:18 p.m.

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