Vast Horizon Policies

General Conduct

General Conduct

The following are some general conduct items. This policy may be updated as warranted.

1. This is where we tell you to please be respectful of others while playing Vast Horizon. The bashing of sexual orientation, religious beliefs and race will not be tolerated. IC, we are not telling you that you must like or agree with race, religion or sexual orientation, just be careful with it. The chances of staff allowing a zealous character who wants to be a jerk and throw racial slurs at everybody are zero.

2. This is where we also add that bashing a player OOCly or ICly because they may not be as proficient behind the keyboard as you, are not tolerated either. People come from all walks of life, speak many languages and have many disabilities. Please be mindful of this before you start making fun of somebody.

3. Now we will discuss PVP. It is accepted here. Just do not do the following. Do not use it as a way of constantly harassing somebody because you do not like them OOCly. It would make better RP sense to flesh out a good PVP plot rather than just blowing everybody out of the sky. We realize things happen sometimes and a bit of fighting for no big reason will happen, just be careful with it or it will be taken out of the game.

4. We have various channels for a reason. The newbie channel is for receiving and giving assistance on features of the game, not to engage in IC or OOC conversations. The CWS (conversation with staff) channel is not for reporting bugs nor greeting others OOCly. The general channel is for IC chat only. The tactical channel is for important discussions such as event, mission and other such things. None of these channels are for attempting to get staff to help you in any way. We have supports for that. The OOC Lounge is for OOC chat only. It is not to be used as a game discussion area. Note that while sitting in the OOC lounge, in game channels that are IC will not be at your disposal.

5. Please realize that staff have lives too. We will address your situation as soon as possible so do not flip out over the channels if we aren't able to get to your support quickly. We will do our best to be respectful of you and ask the same courtesy to be returned.

6. If you feel that you are being harassed by another player of the game or member of the staff, please let us know. Give as much detail as you possibly can on this matter, as we cannot do anything if we do not know when things took place and the context in which the incident occurred. Bear in mind, conflict will happen IC so try to keep your issues on the IC level. If something feels OOC, let us know.

7. Stranding another player outside of communication range or on an Asteroid is forbidden. The reason is simple, they cannot get help. The first time you do this, it will be handled IC in that the government will fine you quite heavily or even ground you from flying for a week. If there are other occasions of stranding persons it will be handled OOCly with more severe actions.

8. Using pass worded doors to strand a person or persons inside your home or ship is also against policy. Here again, the first time it will be handled IC with a warning and some sort of fine. Any consecutive offenses with the doors and you will lose the ability to create passwords. If further incidents occur, you will lose all building privileges and will not be permitted to have pass worded doors in your ships or homes.

9. Purposefully typing text and symbols that will crash screen readers is not tolerated. It is rude and annoying. Therefore, if you are caught doing it, you will get booted and must log back into the game. Each time this happens, it goes on your player as 1, 2 and so on. If this happens a third time, you will be blocked from communication channels until staff gives you back that privilege. This includes not being able to enter the OOC lounge.

This policy was last modified: 11/07/19 at 2:18 p.m.

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