Vast Horizon Policies

Bugs, Scripting, Aliases and Triggers

Bugs, Scripting, Aliases and Triggers


We trust that the players will report any issues you may find. This includes bugs, possible bug abuses, also known as exploits, and other things you may feel are important.

A bug abuse or exploit is repeatedly doing an activity that may cause you to gain more money or points than seems normal. It is also the continued performance of a task that may let you destroy more ships than normal or do more harm to another human or ground combat creature than you should be able to do. There are more abuses but we hope you get the picture clearly. If you aren't certain if something is bugged, send a support. This will keep us all sane.

If you have gained a significant amount of money and/or points because of a bug, know that we will remove the money and points from your record. Also note that frequent infractions of bug abuse may result in more serious actions from the staff.

As an incentive, if you are a good boy or girl, and report such issues, you may be rewarded. This is not to say you will, but maybe.

Scripting, Triggers and Aliases

The use of aliases, triggers or scripts to enhance your gaming experience is not allowed here at Vast Horizon. Simply put, no short cut keys or automation scripts for gunning, salvaging and any other in game activity in which you can earn points, money or both.

Aliases are commands that let you perform actions with one or more keystrokes. Commands that allow you to salvage, gun, fly or shoot a person or mob more quickly. These things can also be automated with scripts. These short-cut activities are simply unfair to those who try playing the game properly. Doing any or all of these things is not condoned under any circumstances. This also includes but is not limited to scripts that will allow you to be away from your computer while they work for you.

Among these infractions are command stacking and using one or more keystrokes to complete a multiline command task. This includes but is not exclusive to using timers or alarms to achieve a task that is delayed.

If you are caught violating this policy the punishment can range from a warning, point loss and finally more serious consequences for habitual offenders.

Sound and color triggers used to enhance accessibility are permitted. We are also fine with short-cut keys that do not involve any game activity that would benefit your character by gaining points or dollars.

This policy was last modified: 11/07/19 at 2:18 p.m.

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