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["staff","","This file is just to give you a little information about the staff.","","What We Hope For","","We hope to have an enjoyable game in which people from all walks of life can play and have a nice time. Whether you are good at roleplay or not, we want you to get some enjoyment out of the game.","","We hope that you will feel comfortable with coming to staff with your problems, suggestions and even thanks. We want everyone to feel part of the team that enables the game to thrive. Part of how we do that is, every couple of months, have an OOC staff player discussion.","","While staff understands that their are many people from various corners of the world who may wish to play our game, all that we ask is for you to do your best when it comes to roleplay, playing by the rules and yes, spelling. We will not be heavy handed over spelling issues but may attempt to find out why if it becomes a huge consistency. We hope that the spellchecker will help you along the way.","","What We Give","","We will do our utmost to hear your issues whether they be game mechanic related or roleplay related. We will do our best to inform you of things and fix mechanic bugs for you.","","Never expect to find some discussion you had in your private home on the news. It would have to be a huge event in which we had to obtain the black box to have items you discussed on a ship in the news as well.","","While staff is not in the habit of snooping on you in your homes and other areas deemed private, lounges, restaurants and other such public places are fair game. It's a good way for us to maybe get a good idea or funny news story.","","We will do our utmost to make sure you have a safe, friendly environment on the OOC side of things. Everyone feeling comfortable and having fun is what we strive for. Once a game is not fun anymore, it's possible the why needs to be examined.","","We hope everyone can have fun, make this into a great game and maybe find a friendship or two along the way."]

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