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["religion","","Staff does not wish for their to be any religious bashing in this game. Nor will we be getting into overly religious plots. However, if you want to play a religious character, we won't stop you unless you go overboard with it and begin bashing those who do not join you.","","There was a big movement in the 1990's to encompass the religions of the world in a common thread. This thread was New Hope. Everyone should be able to believe in hope for the future. If you are one who decides to meditate, pray, sing or praise your way to a brighter tomorrow matters not. Peace, happiness, joy and love are the way to a brighter future and these are the things that New Hope focused on.","","While many other religious factions remained, people began to flock to the New Hope way in droves. Unity was the platform of the first new hope minister, Larry Aimes. He and his wife Kira, attempted to snuff out the religious battles caused by so many differing views. Larry was a theologian who studied a vast array of religions in order to attempt to take the church further. His wife Kira was a medical doctor whose family were mostly agnostic. Larry attempted to bring together people of various beliefs as leaders of the church in order to preserve some core views of the different faiths. Thus many, Christian, Muslim, Buddhists, Hindu and others hopped aboard the new hope train.","","A New Hope cathedral was built in the city of Oria during the year 2004. Attendance was low and nearly nonexistent once humans went into the caverns.","","While the Farold race tends to lean more towards science, LeeLee recognized that earthers tended to gravitate towards something when the chips were down. It is why she chose Larry and his wife Kira, who was also a medical doctor to go into the caverns.","","Smaller religious factions remain but most in the caverns who decided to believe in something other than just science, decided to go the New Hope way.","","The New Hope Cathedral is a human historic landmark on Oria. Items brought to the cathedral from old earth include books about various religions, a few paintings and other old relics.","","While the new hope religion has its own collective set of beliefs, derived from various faiths, the cathedral strives to facilitate people of many faiths. IC, Contact the cathedral overseer if you would like something built in the cathedral. OOCly, send staff a support to open discussions."]

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