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Where are you from?

["Where are you from?","","","Your character was most likely born in the Cavern City on Kapteynia Beta. A few hundred thousand humans were evacuated there roughly 200 years ago when the Kiohn race were about to make Earth uninhabitable. Over time, as the population got settled in, they divided themselves over 3 sectors.","","Sector A is where the power families and those who seem to be able to make a name for themselves live. These people dress better, have a little bit more and maybe have found ways to have more room in their homes. This area is probably 15% of the cavern population. If you are from this sector, your phone area code will be (442).","","Sector B is where your average person lives. These would be hard working people who do the best they can. You would maybe think of this group as middle class. This section would be the largest and probably hold 65% of the population. Your area code is (224).","","Sector C is where those who seem to get what they can from the bottom of the barrel live. These are those who scrape by with what they can and maybe hope to find a way into a better sector someday. This is probably 20% of the population. Your area code is (898).","","Since the year 2200 humans have started living above ground again, but this is still a minority of all humans alive today. Staff approval will be needed for you to be born above ground. You would need to contact us via support ticket to get this done. The reason we do this is simply because, at the present time, we prefer most players to be born in the caverns. At some point in the future, this could change. If approved, your phone area code will be, (313)."]

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