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Weapon Hit Tracking

["Weapon Hit Tracking","","Typing TRACKING in any control or weapons room will enable/disable the weapon hit system. There are 4 different categories that you should know about.","","Hull","This is the hull, which means the hull was hit even just a little.","","Sensors","This means that the sensors were hit even just a little.","","Weapon array","This means that weapon components were hit. This could be Rail Gun 1, Torpedo 3, and Rail Gun 3. Weapon array will be displayed whether one or multiple components are hit.","","Secondary Systems","These are all other components, Wormhole Drive, NEP Drive, and whatever else might fall under a secondary component category.","","other notes","The list of components will show up in the order from most damage to least damage taken.","","The computer announces, \"Hit on the one-person club fighter \"Cheese Ship\" sensors and weapon array.\"","","However, if it shows up as follows, it means the hull took the most damage, followed by the sensors, and lastly the weapon array.","","The computer announces, \"Hit on the one-person club fighter \"Cheese Ship\" Hull, sensors and weapon array.\"","","Commands","If you rather not see what components your shot hit, you can turn it off by typing TRACKING as displayed above. If you do want to see it again, you can just type the command again to enable it. Please note that this works on an individual room basis. Therefore, you may wish to check if it's on or off depending on your preference.","","Happy getting more information!"]

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