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["Travel","","The following ways are available to travel through the Vast Horizon Universe.","","feet","Walking is a thing, speedwalks are not. When giving directions to another player IC, please do not make them sound like a speedwalk.","","Horses","Horses are for racing and leisure riding. You may meet unhappy shop owners if you try taking one inside the shop. We will have portable hitching posts for a few donation points.","","STN","The space train network was set up by the Farolds in 2203. You can take a nice scenic ride or actually use the trains to get at several areas of the planets that spaceships cannot land. It is also handy if you wish to travel without having to fly your own ship.","","ships","Of course, we have spaceships for your long or short distance travel. The ships use the following drives for your convenience.","","Thrust Drive","The burst drive is the workhorse behind every ship. It is generally used to move from sector to sector, as well as auto pilot and manual mode. It also serves as the ship's means to travel through wormholes. This drive is an upgraded version of the drives we used 200 years ago. This mode of travel however is considered slow in comparison, given the fact that there are 9000000 sectors per 1 lightyear.","","Shuttle Drive","The shuttle drive while not a must have, will give you a quick burst of speed across a sector once every eight to three minutes. You can stop this from happening by typing stop real fast. You can also type shuttle on or shuttle off to enable or disable this drive. The shuttle drive was first on the scene in 2188.","","NEP Drive","The Nuclear Energy Phase (NEP) is our fastest drive to date. It uses nuclear power to phase the ship out of alignment with the three physical dimensions of space, thereby folding space so that you can travel at wicked fast speed. This drive was invented by chief of science Michelle Faro with help from human engineer Berry Weis in 2218. It is a vast upgrade to the Burst drive that was used for centuries, which enabled a ship to travel a light-year in two weeks. The NEP drive is both more safe and reliable than the old burst drive.","","FTL drive","This drive enables a ship to do a wormhole jump to other sectors of space that are in the network."]

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