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["Soundpacks","","Staff is happy to support soundpacks in this game. We do ask that you leave all scripts that would speed up, automate or otherwise enhance game play out of the packs. It's a sound pack, this means sound triggers to help with alerting a person of various happenings and nothing more. We will try to keep an eye on all soundpacks but cannot make promises to do so.","","@soundpacks","This command will give you a list of packs currently registered with us. You can select one and get the information you need here also.","","@soundpacks register","You can type this command and then register to a soundpack or soundpacks of choice to find out when they are updated. This will work if the creator of the soundpack set it up correctly.","","@manage-soundpacks","Typing this command will give you four options for your soundpack managing.","","1. Add a soundpack.","Follow the prompts which will ask you to enter the name of your soundpack, version string, and download URL. It will also ask for supported clients and a description, you will need to hit enter, followed by a. and then enter again for these last two items.","","2. Remove a soundpack.","This one is self explanitory. It's a yes or no prompt for removing a soundpack. If you happen to own more than one pack, it will put these in a list so that you can select the proper pack to remove.","","3. Edit a soundpack.","You will be given four choices for your editing needs. They are as follows.","","A. Update the version string.","This will need to be updated whenever you update your soundpack. The below three options will only need updated if you need to change your web address, description or download URL.","","B. Update the download URL.","","C. Update the supported clients.","","D. Update the description.","","Please do not abuse this soundpack system we have in place for you. The packs really are a useful tool for the gaming enjoyment of the blind and visually impaired. If you try calling someone elses soundpack your own without making changes to it or the original owner's permission, you will be banned from using these management features and all of your packs will be promptly removed from our system.","","If a player deletes from the game, it will remove his or her soundpack from the list."]

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