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Security Ratings

["Security Ratings","","We have set up a security rating system that we hope will be easy to follow.","","Security-I","This will go around Sector 1 for the distance of five light-years. This area will be heavily monitored by the Farold race.","","Security-II","This security block will extend from five light-years around sector 1 to ten. While not as fast, help may still be able to reach you in a timely manner. This is not to say that this area is totally safe.","","Security-III","This block of security is in the below average range. It ranges from ten out to thirty light-years around sector 1. The main reason is that space is rather large and the Farolds cannot be everywhere. Even if they think they can.","","Security-IV","Lucky for you that your phone may be able to get you some help out here. This not so good security rating goes from 30 to 99.998 light-years.","","Security-V","This is a hundred light-years and beyond. Unless you come across the occasional sector that has been claimed and is defended, you're on your own. Of course, if things get too bad, you might draw that luck card and find a way out of it.","","Keep in mind, just because Farolds may be in the area patrolling, doesn't mean all the space a hundred light-years around sector one is theirs. In fact, sectors need to be claimed to belong to someone.","","While most sectors are unclaimed, you may run across the occasional unclaimed sector with a planet, moon or station in one.","","This game uses 500 sectors per light-year. This means that each sector is quite large but we have opted to use the 25, 25, 25 coordinates. The realism is not optimal with this choice and may be changed someday."]

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