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Salvage and Recovery

["Salvage and Recovery","","Salvaging is done by finding shipwrecks in sectors. Once you are close enough, type salvage. The shipwreck will be hauled into your cargo bay.","","You have two options upon finishing the gathering of the shipwrecks. You can transfer them at a planet's landing area for small pay and very few points. While grabbing the shipwrecks and transferring is faster, the second option has some good things.","","You can use your hammer and metal cutter tools from within the cargo bay to break apart your finds. Simply type disassemble shipwreck name with the tools in your hands to do this. Your pay and points will be higher but it will take a longer amount of time. As you gain points, you may buy upgraded tools to speed up the disassembling process.","","One bonus of disassembling the shipwrecks is that you may find items that you can use for crafting.","","There are several types of debris, which vary in size and dollar value. The starship wrecks also vary in size. For example, you may not be able to salvage the large shipwrecks with the entry level freighter ship.",""]

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