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Moons, Planets, and Spacestations

["Moons, Planets, and Spacestations","","Planets","","Kapteynia Beta","","Discovered by Farolds and colonization N/A. Humans found it in 1972 and began to colonize in 1988.","","This planet orbits the Kapteyn star which is a third smaller than the earth's sun. The KB gravity is near that of earth standard. Colors of plants are darker hues, thus grass on earth is green, grass here could be dark green, all the way up to deep purples. The point is the darker the hue the more light the plant captures thus allowing more photosynthesis. Take liberties with animal types as the timeline suggests that we brought many animals from earth. We will assume there are some native creatures to KB.","","Kapteynia Beta is approximately 12 light-years from earth. The distance from its sun is about 55,200,000 KM. Earth is 150,000,000 KMs from its sun. The climate is similar to earth's, though there are higher fluctuations in temperatures. Levels of radiation on the planet itself used to be unsafe for humans. Over the last several centuries, the Farolds did extensive work to rectify this problem, as it wasn't always safe for them either. The bombings by the Kiohn race gave this work a minor setback for human safety but was mostly rectified.","","KB's equatorial circumference is 12,250 KMs. To give you an idea, the circumference of earth is 40,073 KMs.","","The rough population guess of the city of Oria is near 2,000,000 farolds and 72,000 humans. The added cavern human population is over 2,000,000. The population records indicate that another half million Farolds and 800 humans live in the outskirts of the city, where the farmlands are.","","Chrylia","","Discovered by humans in 1990 and colonized in 1992. Its distance from Kapteynia Beta is 0.42 light-years.","","Chrylia is a terrestrial planet that is toxic to both Farolds and humans. It was first discovered in 1990 by a team of Human explorers. It's atmosphere however is hostile to Human and Farold life. It was soon discovered that the planet is rich in minerals, ore and other resources, so a dome was built over one of the larger craters on the southern hemisphere. Within this dome, large generators provide breathable air and maintain temperatures suitable for humans and Farolds to live in. Since Humanity was driven underground, the Farolds have started operating the Spaceport Dome by themselves and are still doing so, with renewed help from Humans. There are currently no plans to terraform Chrylia.","","Chrylia's equatorial circumference is 9,352 KMs.","","The population of this planet is 28,000 Farolds and 535 humans.","","There is currently a mayor of Chrylia but this planet comes under the jurisdiction of the Oria government, as agreed upon in 2007.","","Moonbases","","Faro Moonbase","","Discovery N/A and colonized in 2217. Its distance from Kapteynia Beta is 0.74 light-years.","","Terraforming of the Faro Moonbase was planned out and set to begin in 2219.","","Currently the domed city of New Florida is being built on this moon. Plans to remove the domes will be completed once the terraforming is finished. A makeshift base is put in place for the duration of the work. It is estimated that some 9103 comets will be needed for the process that the farolds have chosen. This is a new project and results will take some time.","","The equatorial circumference of this moon is 3,920 KMs.","","The population of this moonbase is zero. However, some 650 Farolds and 130 humans currently dwell in New Florida.","","Space Stations","","Rayford's Abode","","In 2212, Rayford and Emma Billings got assistance from the Farolds with building a space station some 18 light-years northeast of Oria. After coming out of sector C in 2203, Rayford envisioned building a human-owned night spot for both humans and farolds to kick back and relax. He agreed to have good trade relations with the Farolds of Oria and they gave him upstart supplies at heavily discounted prices. Though he will be a long time in paying off the bill that he does owe.","","One thing that Rayford does do, is offer his station to be used as an artifact hunting spot for pilots. He does want occasional assistance in return because nothing is free.","","Rayford is law on his station and the farolds do not involve themselves in how he governs. The station's population is around 250 humans and 100 farolds."]

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