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Food and Drink dispensers

["Food and Drink dispensers","","Food and drink machines are a very popular item in these types of games. However, we are striving to have our restaurants used frequently. In addition, we have worked hard on our chef system and wish for that to get used frequently as well. These are two of the reasons that the food and drink dispensers initially will come with a set number of uses and then need to be refilled at various shops.","","This is how you will use the machines. Simply type USE machine or machine name to bring up the menu. Then just pick the food or drink item of your choice. You can simply do L*OOK machine and it will give you the description plus how many uses are left. To replenish the machine, go to a shop that will refill the specified machine and type REFILL with a single machine in your hand.","","This is how we will handle donation requests for add on requests to your food and drink machines. Note that, these are additions to the existing machines or dispensers that you purchased in game. They are not brand-new items. Simply put, you will keep the items that we've placed in the dispensers plus whatever else you choose.","","1. A custom description of your dispenser or machine is five vouchers ($5.00)","2. Up to five food or beverages added to your existing dispenser or machine is one voucher ($1.00) per item.","3. 100 uses added to your dispenser or machine is one voucher ($1.00), limit is a thousand which would be ten vouchers.","4. Renaming your dispenser or machine is three vouchers ($3.00)","6. Removing our items so that you may have a fully unique dispenser is three vouchers ($3.00) Note the cost of your food or drink items will still apply. Thus, if you ask for a dispenser wipe and then to add six items of your own, it would be nine vouchers ($9)","","If you are requesting food or drink be added to your machines, please give us the following information. Character name, items followed by a description of each item. While we are not pests over spelling errors for RP typing, we do ask that items added to a machine be spell checked. We also ask that you keep the description brief. Note that we will not put items that are copyright names such as Pepsi or Budweiser in dispensers. Though we may add those to restaurants.","","A final note. Dining and drinking is a big part of social RP and this is the other reason that we are attempting to do our food and drink dispersing items in this manner. We hope you will enjoy this."]

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