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Enemy Ground to Space Cannons

["Enemy Ground to Space Cannons","","Enemy Ground to Space Cannons can be found on any planet that can be landed on.","","The cannons will be deployed on a planet by a Kiohn starship. This starship will land on the planet in a sector and deploy the cannons. When one or more cannons are deployed on a planet, the location of the cannon does not matter. It will be able to fire into space from wherever it has been deployed.","","The cannon will target player owned starships and attempt to shoot the starship in question down. The cannon will be able to fire on only one starship at a time. If more than one starship is being hit, that's because there is more than one cannon. If you're able to blow up the delivery ship before it lands, then it will not be able to deliver the cannons. Also, one delivery ship can drop more than one cannon on a planet, so be mindful that you get all of the cannons on a planet.","","How do I get rid of the cannon? Well I'm glad that you asked, because it's pretty easy. Find a supply shop and buy detonators. When you locate a cannon, and you have a detonator, go ahead and ATTACH DETONATOR TO CANNON. It would be a good thing to note that cannons will not be destroyed after only one detonator. It's up to you to find out how many detonators it takes!","","What do I do now? I was pulled away from the cannon. The detonator is not finished being attached and didn't explode. Well my friend, that's easy. Go ahead and DETACH CANNON. This will move the unarmed detonator to your hand, and you can try it again!","","Can I tell how much damage the cannon has? Sure, just LOOK at the cannon. Only two ranges will show up. The two ranges are majorly damaged, and half damaged. If a cannon is only half damaged, it will continue firing at full power, however, if the cannon is majorly damaged, it will only fire at half power.","","Commands for Enemy Ground to Space Cannons:","","ATTACH DETONATOR TO CANNON","This will attach the detonator to the cannon, so long that you're holding a detonator in one of your hands.","","L*OOK CANNON","This will tell you if a detonator is being armed or not, and it will tell you what the damage of the cannon is.","","DETACH CANNON","This will remove an unarmed detonator from the cannon, if you or someone was pulled away before the detonator was finished being armed.","","Good luck with the cannons, and don't let them blow you up!"]

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