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["Economy","","we will be using the dollar system for this game. There is a blurb in the timeline which you can find on our website or in the help files. This will explain when the dollar became commonly used by the Farolds.","","While the farold government may be wealthy, we are working to build a thriving human economy here at Vast Horizon. This means that while pilots will get paid well, it will gradually increase as time goes on. There probably will be no earning half a billion credits a day here as we start this game.","","You will have access to a debit card issued by the bank. As it is in real life, these cards can be stolen. Set a pin number and don't share it with others or you could find your nice $500,000 bank account gone.","","Staff has dreams that one day, there will be taxes, utility bills, and possibly other daily living bills to pay.","","Players will be given a loan so that they can afford their first ship. This loan process will extend to players who are not new as well.","","Alternatively, you can also receive a credit card from the bank, which will need to be paid back.","","Since pilots will be paid well, expect inflated prices. The reasons for this could be that the farolds charge such high prices in certain pilot visited areas because they like wealth and it costs tons of money to create new ships. For example, if you pay $3,500,000 for a ship, multiply that by 55% and that is what a ship might cost. Thus, when you get paid $200,000 for hauling a dozen asteroids, just know that taxes are outrageous to help offset such costly items such as your asteroid hauler."]

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