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["Death","","It is nearly impossible to die in this game without some staff arranged event, this is strictly OOC knowledge. From the IC perspective, pilots would know that escape pods have a very low rate of failure. However, it is not impossible for them to fail. Therefore, events such as missions, invasions and flying long distances should be treated as activities in which you are putting your life on the line. Please note that if you die in this game, it's a permanent death and you will need to bring up a new character.","","We have ground combat weapons that could technically kill a person, the OOC knowledge is that this likely will not happen either. As noted above, IC treat it as though it could happen. Note that grave and permanent injuries are possible in this game. If staff sees somebody walking around with a severe wound that has not been tended to in ages, you may have consequences to deal with medically speaking.","","We did say it is nearly impossible to die in this game. There may be a couple of ways that it could be done without staff making it happen but those chances are, hopefully, very slim.","","Staff advises that you not do things like go hundreds of light-years into space solo. The reason is this. Your oxygen tanks will have a few hours oxygen. If you run out of oxygen in space and are unable to use your emergency oxygen tube, you will die. It's best to have someone who could get you back into the ship in the event your internet crashed or that you're just watching that can't miss movie and forgot about the game. Once more, if your character dies, it's permanent. If your character dies because of player actions that were not arranged by staff, you get no items back upon rolling up your new character.","","If your character dies in a staff arranged event, or player arranged event with staff, you may receive a gift upon rerolling. This gift would include points, cash or to keep a donation item."]

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