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["Channels","","Vast Horizon offers several in and out of character channels for you to communicate with other players. To talk on these channels, simply type the channel name followed by your message.","","Our channel names can also be abbreviated, such as, gen, tact, new or cws.","","In Character channels","","In order to receive and transmit on these in character channels, you will need a Space Phone. There are 2 stores selling these, one in the cavern Hub, the other in the city of Oria. For speaking on channels a phone plan is not required.","To turn these channels on or off, use the settings of your Space phone.","","- The Tactical channel: A channel to discuss and organize skirmishes, combat oriented activities and other similar things.","- The general channel: A channel for general chat and discussion.","","Out Of Character channels:","","To turn these channels on or off, simply type channel name on, or channel name off. (for example CWS on)","","- the Newbie Channel: A channel where new players can seek help. In most cases this should be questions followed by answers. Remain polite at all times and try to be as helpful as you can. Informing players that information they seek can also be done in character is acceptable, but a simple \"Ask IC\" answer is not. The Newbie channel is not for quests and puzzles.","","- The Conversation With Staff channel: A channel to have brief conversations with the staff. It is however not meant to report bugs or seek other types of staff assistance. This channel is also not intended to exchange OOC information or discuss ongoing in game plotlines.",""]

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