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Changing email addresses and passwords

["Changing email addresses and passwords","","Within Vast Horizon, you might find out that you wish to change things such as your password, or email address. This help file is going to inform you on how you can complete any of these tasks.","","If you wish to change your password at any point, you can type the following command:","@UPDATE PASSWORD","This command will walk you through resetting your password. However, it will not put your new password into the email. It will just inform you that it was changed. When you type in a password, it is highly encrypted to make sure know one ever knows your password.","","You can also update or change your email address that you have on file. If you wish to change your email address, all you must do is type the following command:","@UPDATE EMAIL","This command will walk you through the steps that are needed to update and change your accounts email address that is stored on your account. The game will email you after the change is made, informing you of the changes that happen with your account.","","If you ever get an email telling you that your information was updated, and you did not update it, please email us at Right away, so we can take the needed steps to find out what happen.","","The staff of Vast Horizon will never give out your account username or email address. If someone has your account information, we can 100% assure you that it did not come from anyone on our staff.","","If you have any other questions, feel free to email us at the address given above.","","Alternatively, you can request a new password via the website.","","","","Again, via the website, you can also sign up for email notifications.","",""]

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