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["Babies","","Babies are cute and cuddly. They are being brought to you for 5 donation points ($5.00). Staff will give this disclaimer. While we do not wish to take donation items from a player, certain IC issues won't be ignored. If for any reason you lose your baby that is an IC matter, there will not be a refund of your donation points.","","There will be IC implications for those who leave their children unattended in bars, lounges, you get the picture. Have fun with them but treat them right, they are children after all. Also, if you get a divorce in game, the baby will go to the donating player unless both parties wish to get in the middle of a custody battle or one chooses to let the other person have it. A custody battle would need to be initiated by the participants at the courthouse.","","Bottom line is, take care of this particular donation item as you would your own child or risk the roleplay issues. We are aware this is a donation item but cannot ignore neglect or abuse IC. Neglect of a baby does not necessarily mean you would permanently lose the child either. You would have to go through the steps set up between you and the judge at the courthouse to recover the child. If you became a habitual neglecter, abuser or what have you, it could cause in the loss of the child and having future adoptions denied."]

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