Vast Horizon News Headlines


Dated: Friday Apr 19, 2219 at 7:15 p.m.

In conjunction with her human partner Asa Blanchert, TaeTae Faro has opened up a camp grounds near the city of Oria. "Currently, the method of transportation to vacation at our grounds is via the space train network," Faro said. "We have put a lot of work into the camp grounds and hopefully you all will come on down and join us," Asa added. In fact, the train station along the gravel path within Oria's walls is the only station that can bring you to visit." TaeTae and Asa met shortly after he came up from the caverns in 2206. They formed a partnership both in business and in life.

Dated: Saturday Apr 27, 2219 at 5:58 p.m.

Chief Scientist Michelle Faro advises all pilots and anyone who is working in the area to be careful around the Farold moon base in sector 4. "Very dangerous work involving comets is being done. Let us hope this works and we can begin more extensive work with it soon," Faro advised.

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